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Latest Amazon Review for Predators of Darkness

Creepy End of the world Sci-Fi, March 16, 2011
This review is from: Predators of Darkness (Paperback)
I read the first two books a while ago, and then decided to pick up Predators of Darkness again after seeing how many people loved it like I did and the fact that I hadn't read the third book yet. I can say that it is just as good the second time around. Even knowing what happened and who the clones were, I was captivated, still reading with new/old eyes in to the nuances of the characters and subtle shifts that were telltale signs I didn't see the first time around. The plot is your basic survival/end of the world story line. We have a community of people, there are power struggles and physical struggles, but the survivors seem to have a hierarchy system in place that actually works. This is where we meeting our hero Daniel, while not the `leader', or even the one who herded the survivors into the fallout shelter to begin with, he's a leader all his own. He and his best friend Lucas are the main ones who go out looking for caches of supplies and food. This is where the story twists.

While the plot line is about the politics and struggle of daily life for survivors, it's also about their main enemies, the Shifters. These are genetically mutated beings who, as far as Daniel can tell, mutating even more... not good for the survivors. I'm not going to give away any more of the story. And there is so much more. Not all shifters are evil, people aren't who they seem, and the good Doctor has a hunch of why the world has collapsed. You need to read it for yourselves; it's a great end of the world sci-fi novel that leaves a lot more of the plot line open for future books. In fact there are two more; in addition I was just informed that the writer is currently finishing up the screen play. While some readers claim it starts off slow... well it does a little... I think it's necessary in order to introduce the readers into the world the way Hilley wants them to be. The next two books are Beyond the Darkness and The Game of Pawns, each fantastic and more disturbing. Enjoy!

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