Where to Get my Books

Currently, you can find my novels at Amazon, Smashwords, and Ebooksforpleasure.com.

At Amazon, you can find paperbacks of Beyond the Darkness and The Game of Pawns.  Also, you can get Kindle editions of all three novels at Amazon.  Predators of Darkness: Aftermath @ $2.99 (102,000 words).
Beyond the Darkness and The Game of Pawns are $2.99 each.  Of course, Kindle samples cost nothing, so why not check them out?

Signed copies are available in Ashland, KY, at BJ's Books.  Signed copies are also available via Amazon. Just look for Deimosweb as the seller.


Predators of Darkness: Aftermath:  ISBN-13: 978-1463631772

Beyond the Darkness:   ISBN-13: 978-1463635046

The Game of Pawns:    ISBN-13: 978-1463637859

Devils' Den:                   ISBN-13: 978-1466423220

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  1. Have discovered that my local library doesn't have any of your books. Would love to submit a purchase request, but I need ISBN and original publication dates. Would help if you added that info to this website, or had a link to that info.

  2. Thanks for the information, Jaylee. Will update and add. Thanks!