Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Converting Predators of Darkness into a Screenplay

Greetings all,

As many of you know, I've been steadily converting Predators of Darkness into a screenplay with co-writer, Prof. Ann Linden at Shawnee State University.  This undertaking is a lot different than writing a novel or a short story.  The hardest part is taking a 340 page novel and condensing it down to 120 pages of script, which isn't an easy thing to do and why I solicited Ann's help.  She has a great eye for what needs to stay and what must go.

Many people have contacted me after reading Predators of Darkness and said that they could visualize my book as they read and could see it made into a movie.  But, my writing comes to me through visualization.  I clearly see the scenes as the story unfolds, how the characters act and react, and hear their conversations as if I was sitting in the room with them.   

One benefit of having visual images of my novels is that it's less likely I forget what happens.  I draw on the visualization mapped out in my head.  However, one disadvantage is when I cannot foresee what happens next and have to wait until the characters resolve their dilemmas and invite me to watch and listen.

Images of past novels that I've yet to revise are still prominent in my mind.  Often I find myself reflecting on what has happened and want to get back to finishing those projects.  However, I'm more pressed for time in writing the fourth novel in the "Darkness" series that I can't pry myself away.  Indeed, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  As I press on later this year to publicize my novels, I know time will be more restrained, but I do hope that I can continue the flow of writing without too much disruption.  Networking demands time.  A LOT of time.


Leonard D. Hilley II

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