Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends

I have two or three chapters left to write in Devils' Den.  This past week I started reading and revising from the beginning of the novel to where I had stopped.  While I do this, I keep a notepad beside me and jot down tidbits throughout the novel to make certain all the loose ends get tied up at the end.  Once these final chapters are set into place, I will reread the entire novel two more times.  My wife will read this once, and my editing friend will also do a read through.

Devils' Den is a novel that has set in a box for over 10 years.  So it's not a surprise to me that the novel is now completely different than what it originally would have been.  I believe my writing and insight has matured during this length of time.  In fact, after rewriting the first 50 pages of the original, I stopped reading the old manuscript and let these characters produce their amazing adventure without the pressure of the former outline dictating what they wanted and needed to do.

I'm excited to see Devils' Den almost completed.  This is the first book of a dark fantasy series, so this is completely different than my Darkness series.  I hope you enjoy the characters and their journey as well as I have.