CAT CHAT W/ Morton

You knew it would happen eventually.  While Leonard's back was turned, I, Morton, just had to make my own spot on here.  So here I am, ready and waiting, for your questions, comments, and in return I provide answers and updates about this cat's life.  Of course, I cannot expose spoilers for new fans, but I will debrief (Kat's favorite term) to you what details I can.

Morton gives this page TWO PAWS UP!


  1. What adventure would Morton have if he found himself washed up on beach in Australia... and does Morton have other scifi fav shows he likes to watch??

  2. Don't know about adventure, but I'd have to help eradicate those pesky Cane Toads because they are a threat to Australia's ecosystem.

    I'm a fan of Sanctuary, Torchwood, and The Secret of NIMH (Kip's suggestion).

  3. Morton luv, I had no idea you were so Earth Friendly. I can't wait to read more!

  4. Excellent 'ERADICATE CANETOADS' I am assuming you mean those ugly 4 legged warty things & not the Queensland State of Origin Footy team (although some of those are ugly, as far as I know none have FOUR legs LOL)... That's so cool because at the moment there are always one or two on my house pathway whenever it rains & after dark, scare the crappola out of me & my babes & they are BIG, & S L O W moving, I think Morton could take them on!! Great choice in Scifi too ;)

  5. Thanks. As a cat shifter, I'm immune to those pesky toads' venom, so yeah, bring 'em on.

    =^..^= Morton

  6. I come over for a visit and what do I find? No posts here since 2011?

    come visit me at:


    1. Smack high cat paws! Kinda in hiding, but thanks for the visit! Trying to keep Kip out of trouble since he's such a troublesome rat. ;)