Monday, September 3, 2012

Venturing into Twitterville

I have had a Twitter account for a long time and never really knew what to do with it.  After some good advice from another author, I am trying to venture into this strange new land. 

For those of you who are avid reading bookworms and are following me:  Thank you so much!

I am still learning about Twitter, but I know enough NOT to spam all you dear people to death about my books.  I had one author Tweet six different books of his in less than one minute.  Before he could rack up more the next minute, I "unfollowed" him.  Spam is NOT cool, so I promise you won't be bombarded by constant "Buy My Book" messages.  I will point you to my blog, FB author page, or some other humorous tidbit when something new or interesting comes up.  But I promise not spam like the author was doing with his books.  After all, I want you to like me and get to know me.  Not unfollow me.

For updates on my novels, you can follow this blog.  Or, stop by my author page on FB: Leonard D. Hilley II/author page and "Like" my page.  Unlike the old Myspace, you practically have to beg people to hit that Like button.

This month I will be requesting votes for the new cover of Death's Valley.  And someone will win a paperback copy of the novel after it's published.

If you're a new fan of my books, or Morton the cat has captured your heart, please tell others about my novels.  Word of mouth is often the best promotion an author can get.

As always, my best to you!

Leonard D. Hilley II

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