Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poor Advertising and Wasted Money

Funny television commercials I like. Stupid commercials, no. And then there are those commercials that are so aggravating that you have to mute the television or just turn the station. Same thing with the radio. Why repeat a toll free number six or seven times within a 30 second segment? On the radio, really? Like I'm going to write it down as I drive. Well, maybe they're targeting "text while driving" crowd. But repeating the number over and over is so irritating. Station changed after the first time. A simple button push or insert music CD. To me, the marketers are wasting millions of dollars a year on dumb commercials that people won't listen to. Want to throw away that kind of money, they should simply mail me the check. I'll remember the product for certain then. =)

I almost started this with, "Do you ever wonder why . . . ?" But I thought people might think I was channeling Andy Rooney.  =P

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