Thursday, August 16, 2012


A lot of authors keep notebooks with them wherever they go.  I do.  You never know when a new idea will come.  And this past week, the opening to a new thriller novel gripped me, and I had to write it down.  If I didn't keep a notebook and pen in our car, I would have lost the words and missed out on a new adventure.  New characters.

As school supplies fill several aisles in Walmart, I found some one subject, college ruled notebooks priced at $.17 each.  I bought dozens of these to ensure I have one handy at all times.  Some authors fear a blank page, but I greet each one wondering what will eventually come to life here?  Sometimes, it's an interesting beginning that leads to a dead end, but often, the plot situations take root and propagate into a splendid world with vivid characters.

If you love to write, stock up on some cheap notebooks while the back-to-school sales are going.  It's the best time to find the bargains.  May your muse gift you will new realms unknown.


Leonard D. Hilley II

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