Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook vs. Myspace

Facebook seems to be the current social network where everyone flocks.  However, I have always preferred Myspace, but sadly, few of my friends even log in there anymore.  One reason I loved Myspace was because you could design your page and send comment graphics to friends.  It was also a LOT easier to add people than Facebook.

I don't know how many times I've been threatened on Facebook to have my "add as a friend" temporarily suspended simply for trying to send a request to another author.  Myspace never had that problem.  I guess the big reason I did finally go to Facebook was due to all the spyware and trojan attempts on my computer via ads on Myspace.  Luckily, I have great anti-spyware and those were blocked.  To update my peeps on Myspace I've connected it to Twitter, so they can receive my Tweets.

On Myspace, I have over 8200 "friends."  On Facebook, you have to "beg" people to "Like" your page.  Since I don't beg, I have only 29 "Likes."  I just can't seem to break that 29 barrier.  However, staying 29 is GREAT if you keep telling people that's your age.  As an author's fan page, it's quite embarrassing to say the least.

So, while I won't beg for "Likes," I will erm, *cough cough* hint that Predators of Darkness Fan Page needs a few clicks.  And should you happen to be on Goodreads, Hilley's Profile is my page.

I know you can't hear it, but Morton is chuckling (actually ROFL is what he carved in my desk).  He says that if he sets up a Facebook page, he'll rule.

Siiigh.  What a cat.  =)


  1. I keep on getting weird proposals on MySpace. I keep it because some of my friends 'live' there, but it gets pretty strange sometimes. Hm, I better go and log in. I'm one of those who stays away forever...

    And Morton, you need to stop laughing at Leonard, that is just wrong and you know it.

    Leonard - make that 30!

  2. Thanks! I miss myspace. However, I've had hundreds of blog views on there.

  3. I know this is going to sound insane coming from someone who actually lives in this century, but I have never been on either of these. I keep "threatening" to do it as my sister is always urging me to get on Facebook. I will tell her she needs to "like" your page. I already got her to purchase Predators of Darkness yesterday. We are both in love with Morton but please don't tell him. I'd prefer it to be a secret crush. ;-)

  4. Lol. I think he knows. Thanks for telling your sister about the book. =)