Thursday, September 24, 2015

Getting into the Flow of Writing

The hardest part about writing is getting into the flow. For the past two days, I've added 8 pages per day to Lady Squire, but it took a few hours of staring at the computer before the words dislodged. Once the dam breaks, the words seem to spill out faster than I can write them. That's a wonderful sensation once it occurs, but it's hell before that.

I love being in the writing zone when the story unfolds right before me. One of the best compliments readers have given me is that they feel like they are there in the story, too. But, as the writer, I am there. I am in the characters' world, seeing and hearing everything around them. Maybe that's why others feel that way too?

Time to venture back into Aetheaon! Here's hoping it doesn't take long to step through the portal.


  1. Do you have an idea as to when we could expect to see book 3?

  2. Book 3? I'm guessing you're talking about Aetheaon Book 2: Dawn's Rise? I'm hoping to see it released in the very near future. I'm at 144,000 words, so it's coming to the ending.

    The series (time wise):

    Shawndirea (Book One)
    Lady Squire: Dawn's Rise (Book Two)

    Devils Den (set 20 yrs after Shawndirea)

    What set me back on this novel was writing another novel under my pen name: T.W. Mordrake. Succubus: Shadows of the Beast was released earlier in the year. Then I started back on Lady Squire. The novel was flowing really well, and then I had to take a month off because we moved to another state. Things are back on track. I hope to see the novel out in 4-6 weeks.

  3. Is Aetheaon Book 2: Dawn's Rise the sequel to Shawndirea or Lady Squire, and does it include Ben and Shawndirea. I would like to know before I purchase.

    1. Hi, Lady Squire: Dawn's Ascension that was released in January is the complete Book 2 (200,000 words). Ben (Roble) and Shawndirea are in this book as well. Some early scenes are from Lehrling's perception when he first encounters them, but Roble also appears later in the book as well. Lady Squire is focused on the fall of Hoffnung, which is partially mentioned in Shawndirea.