Saturday, December 8, 2012

Free Yourself From Negativity

Negativity is like an anchor weighing us down and trying to drown us in this sea of life.  Or, at the very least, it holds us in one spot while we vigorously swim in place and never reach the success we deserve.  Don’t be content living in a pool of despair.  Don’t wallow in self-pity.

“How do I free myself?” You ask.

Remove the negativity that has influenced you to believe you cannot achieve your goals, your dreams, and your compassion.  Somewhere or sometime in your life, someone has seeded your mind into believing you’re not good enough.  Maybe a parent, or a sibling, or bullies that picked on you in school.  Someone has planted the thought and you believed it.  You accepted that as fact.  But you must see the negativity for what it is and what you are allowing it to do in your life.  To break free requires that you understand the problem that is holding you back.  Replace these negative thoughts with positive.  You must believe in yourself.  Strive to be what you visualize.  Picture it in your mind and set yourself to achieve it.  No one else can do this except you.

Once your wrestle free from the weighted negativity anchor, you have a choice to make.  Swim to shore, where you feel comfortable, safe, and not challenged.  Or, swim out to the island of discovery where you originally planned to go before negative influences told you that you couldn’t.

As an author, I have a vast number of ideas for novels.  Great characters and plots come to mind.  But if I don’t set myself down with my laptop and write the book, will I accomplish my goal?  No.  Books do not write themselves.

Negative thoughts bombard us daily.  Just turn on the television news or the radio.  Read the front page of a newspaper.  Negativity abounds.  Blocking out the negative can be difficult, but not impossible.  It’s simply how you choose to view life and your success.

Which would you rather have?  A negative bank balance or a positive one?  If your favorite football team is penalized, they are set back negative yardage.  That’s not how you win.  You want the positive.  To move forward.  Right?  Why shouldn’t you seek the same thing from life?  The positive goals.  Be the best YOU that YOU can be.  Ignore those who seek to hold you back from your goals.  Don’t allow others to put you in a penalty box.  It’s your life.  You deserve better.  We all do.

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