Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dark Fantasy and Revisions

Currently I'm working on the first book in my dark fantasy series.  I finished this book in 2001 and had set it aside to work on the "Darkness" series.  This book is perhaps the hardest project I've worked on.  Every time I've attempted to revise this, I haven't had the success of moving forward until just recently.

The new setting and characters are a nice change of pace, but for some reason the first few pages seemed bogged down.  The delivery seemed choppy and didn't flow like I want my novels to progress.  So I had my wife read through these pages with me to see what the problem was (she is an avid reader and sees things I sometimes overlook).  She agreed that the flow was choppy and with her suggestions I remedied  the prose by shuffling several paragraphs around, which helped immensely.

Even with the rearrangements I spent another three to four hours yesterday revising the first two pages.  Once I got past these two pages the dam had burst, allowing the rest of the chapter to move at a better pace.  I now look forward to working on the book.

I've noticed how my writing has evolved from the time I had written this novel until now, ten years later.  It's true that the more you write, the better your writing becomes.  My biggest pet peeve is that I never feel satisfied with my writing.  In some ways, I think that is good.

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